Obstetrics Services

I’m pregnant!  Now what?  Our goal is to make this experience as wonderful as it can possibly be.   We understand the joys, challenges and concerns that come with pregnancy and delight in making it an experience that meets or surpasses your expectations.

You will be thrilled with our technologically advanced ultrasounds, skilled lab technician, thorough, and friendly checkups and second-to-none skills in the delivery room.  We know that there is more than one way to accomplish a safe pregnancy and delivery. We always seek to work with you to make your Delivery the unique experience you want.  Since pregnancy is a family affair, we strive to include fathers and siblings in the experience!  Our nurses, along with our friendly office staff, are also here to answer questions or resolve any issues that our patients may encounter along the way.

We have worked hard to deserve our top-notch reputation and loyal patient base, and we appreciate the fact that so many families have trusted us to play a part in one of the most special and sacred experiences that life has to offer. Please contact us for an appointment if pregnancy is on the horizon for you and your family.

Prenatal care for pregnant women

Prenatal Care

New Horizons specialized in both low and high-risk prenatal care.

As soon as you think you’re pregnant, you need to schedule your first prenatal appointment. Arrive early and expect to stay a little longer. You and your provider will have a lot to talk about.  You might want to bring your partner or a family member with you to help keep you on track.
Your provider will have several questions about your medical history so be sure to have that information ready or nearby.
A few of the questions may include details about:
– Your menstrual cycle and gynecological history.
– Past pregnancies
– Personal and family medical history
– Medications or Supplements
– Use of tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine.

The more information you can bring to your first appointment has the potential to reduce many risk factors that can lead to complications down the road during the pregnancy.

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Due Date

It is not very often that a woman gives birth on her due date. However, it is still essential to have the estimated date to monitor critical factors relating to the progress and health of the mother and baby; such as growth and testing schedules.
To calculate your due date, you can add seven days and count back three months from the start of your last period.

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Lab Tests

Our office conducts a wide verity of test to ensure a healthy momma and baby. A few of those tests include:
– Blood type. (Rh Factor)
– Hemoglobin
– We check immunity to certain infections. These typically include rubella and chickenpox unless otherwise documented in your medical history.
– We also test for exposure to other infections like Hepatitis B, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV.

It is important to know that we take your privacy very seriously. If you have brought a partner or a family member into the appointment with you, and there is a portion of your medical history that you don’t want to share with them, please notify your physician privately. Keeping that information to yourself may end up limiting the best possible care.

newborn baby testing

Screening tests for fetal abnormalities

We offer a verity of screenings and test. Most of the common concerns will be tested for as standard care. If there is something that concerns you explicitly that you would like to get testing for, ask your provider right away.

One of the tools used to screen for fetal abnormalities is an ultrasound performed at 20 weeks called the Anatomy Screen. However, 3D/4D ultrasounds are also elective procedures you can conduct to get a unique look at your baby durring various stages of the pregnancy. Take a look at our Post about our ultrasounds if you would some more information; http://newhorizonsobgyn.net/2018/05/02/3d-4d-ultrasounds-at-new-horizons/

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We get it. The struggle is real. During your pregnancy Your health has an immediate impact on the health of the pregnancy. Now is an excellent time to discuss the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, sex during the pregnancy, and other lifestyle issues that could be contributing to increased risk factors for your pregnancy.

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Normal Discomforts of Pregnancy

Certain discomforts are pretty usual especially early during your pregnancy. Your breasts might be tender and swollen. Nausea with or without vomiting is a common symptom. Talk to your healthcare provider if your symptoms are severe.

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Labor and Delivery

When the delivery day arrives, we are ready to shift our services to the comfortably equipped birthing center in Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. The at-home atmosphere of the birthing rooms makes the experience of childbirth relaxed and low-stressed. The nursing staff is highly qualified to take great care of newborn infants, including those born with special challenges who may need to spend time in the hospital’s medically advanced NICU.

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Infertility Treatment

While it seems that some women get pregnant simply by thinking about it, that is not usually the case.  Many women struggle with getting pregnant and/or maintaining their pregnancy.  This can be a tumultuous and painful experience in the lives of many couples.  We understand how challenging this is, and will work closely with you towards achieving the goal you so desire–a healthy pregnancy.

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Breast Health

New Horizons works closely with the accredited Breast Center of Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. The  Breast Center provides services including mammograms, breast cancer diagnosis, and thorough treatment when necessary. Our patients benefit from our ability to team with the center’s professional technologists, radiologists and surgeons.

…Thank you to the awesome staff for taking care of

and supporting us through our pregnancy!…