Obstetric Services


I’m pregnant!  Now what?  Our goal is to make this experience as wonderful as it can possibly be.   We understand the joys, challenges and concerns that come with pregnancy and delight in making it an experience that meets or surpasses your expectations.

You will be thrilled with our technologically advanced ultrasounds, skilled lab technician, thorough, and friendly checkups and second-to-none skills in the delivery room.  We know that there is more than one way to accomplish a safe pregnancy and delivery, and seek to work with you to make yours the unique experience you want.  Since pregnancy is a family affair, we strive to include fathers and siblings in the experience!  Our nurses, along with our friendly office staff, are also here to answer questions or resolve any issues that our patients may encounter along the way.

When delivery day arrives, we are ready to shift our services to the comfortably equipped birthing center in Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. The at-home atmosphere of the birthing rooms makes the experience of child birth relaxed and low-stressed. The nursing staff is highly qualified to take great care of newborn infants, including those born with special challenges who may need to spend time in the hospital’s medically advanced NICU.

We have worked hard to deserve our top notch reputation and loyal patient base, and we appreciate the fact that so many families have trusted us to play a part in one of the most special and sacred experiences that life has to offer. Please contact us for an appointment if pregnancy is on the horizon for you and your family.

…Thank you to the awesome staff for taking care of

and supporting us through our pregnancy!…