Please be advised that New Horizons is suspending admission of new patients with the Medicaid insurance ‘Harmony WellCare‘ until further notice.  We work closely with SIH and its facilities and our final decision depends on their plans regarding the acceptance of Harmony WellCare. Again, this is for NEW applications only. If you are currently being seen by our practice and have Harmony WellCare insurance, do not panic. You will continue to be seen and receive care as usual. We will work to get prior authorizations for your appointments; however, you will need to switch from Harmony to another Medicaid insurance in order to avoid any unexpected expenses or complications should we not be able to obtain prior authorizations with Harmony WellCare.

Our Business Office is an excellent resource if you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage options. Our team is available to explain the process of how to switch to one of the Medicaid providers we accept. Those currently accepted with our practice are; Illini, Meridian, and Molina

If you have any questions or concerns about your insurance coverage, don’t hesitate to call our office. (618) 457 – 0404